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Product Details

Sonata Rhino

The Rhino acoustic absorption panel is the logical design extension of our Hydro absorber, though aiming to meet the challenges of environments which are testing not only from a noise reverberation perspective, but where impact resistance is a key consideration.

The Rhino meets perfectly with the needs of many of these reverberant spaces: sports halls, gyms and so on, wherever those hard acoustically reflective interior surfaces dominate. Like the Hydro, moisture tolerance IS inherent to the design. Add to this the excellent impact residence and the Rhino is a solid solution to the problems in these environments.

Like the Sonata Hydro and most of our other products, the Rhino offers first rate Class A certified acoustic performance – and with Class O fire rating as standard.

The Rhino body comprises a tough performance metal body finished in durable polyester powder-coated finish to any RAL colour. The sound absorption core is again our technical acoustic foam – though with the neat innovation as a “cassette”, fully removable, and replaceable if ever required), to aid routine cleaning maintenance.

Installation of the Rhino is simple: for fixing to the underside of ceilings the Hydro suspension pack (HSP) fixings are used; for wall-mounting the Rhino wall mounting brackets offer secure mounting. Both methods allow easy removal of the panels for access, cleaning or re-decoration of background.

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