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Product Details

Sonata Memo

The Memo is an acoustic absorber and notice board in a single dual function panel.

The Memo, like its sister absorbers the Vario and Studio , has Class A certified acoustic performance – with the added benefit of the pin, staple & Velcro-friendly sound absorbent facing making the Memo an excellent all-round panel of choice for many.

The facing is backed by the same technical acoustic foam as the Vario to give excellent acoustic performance, particularly at mid to high (speech) frequency range. This makes it beneficial in a wide range of settings – from offices, classrooms, call centres and on – wherever noise control is needed to improve speech and communication clarity and to reduce ‘crosstalk’.

The sound absorption capacity can be increased by simply installing the Memo on Sonata Memo wall brackets to achieve an acoustic board boost, further improvement absorption, particularly at lower frequency.

Please be aware that the memo board comes in a different range of colours, see below.

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