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Sonata Duo

The Sonata Duo is an acoustic ‘Baffle’ and another unique product from Sonata Acoustics. Incorporating a revolutionary cavity core system, the Duo can offer significantly more absorptive performance than more conventional Baffles.

It is assembled from two acoustic panels contained usually within an acoustically translucent covering fabric bonded around a central perforated lightweight metal frame. The cavity core formed by this assembly has been calculated to boost the lower frequency end of its absorptive performance, the part of the acoustic spectrum that most room absorbers are deficient in.

The Duo may be suspended not only in traditional landscape form, but also in ‘flag’ orientation. This option gives the acoustic engineer greater flexibility when looking to target standing wave room noise. In special situations it has been possible to very the size of the cavity core to ‘tune’ the Duo to meet particular absorptive criteria.

The panel is installed with a clever fixing safety clip system that allows the units to be easily removed if and when required.

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