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Sonatac Adhesive

image1Sonata “Sonatac” adhesive is a clear, odourless adhesive ideal for bonding the Sonata Aurio acoustic panels to almost any background. Available in 300ml cartridges to fit most standard sealant guns. Typical coverage of one Sonatac cartridge per 1.2-1.4 sq metres of Aurio panel.

Vario Suspension Pack

image1The Vario suspension fixings pack is required for suspending Vario panels from the underside of ceilings. Containing 4 sets of fixings, each comprising: “D-ring” with 2 no. waferhead screws to fix to the back of the Vario acoustic panel; universal Plug (with integral Vine-eye) to fit into substrates; and M4 quick release snaphook to connect the Vine-eye to the D-ring for safely and secure suspension of the Vario panel. 1 pack required per for all stock-size Vario panels.