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Project Details


U-Switch are a UK leading Price comparison and Switching website; Sonata Acoustics were recently contacted by U-Switches’ head office in London who were encountering poor sound reverberation and room acoustics within their noisy offices.

Call Centre noise, is a common problem in similar working environments where communicating and concentrating  are important functions of a successful workplace. After finding communication to staff and customers increasingly difficult, Sonata Acoustics were asked to provide a solution to the office noise.

Sonata’s experienced acoustic engineers provided a detailed survey of the offices and calculated an estimated reverberation time before and after treatment. Using this information, Sonata Acoustics could model an accurate amount of absorption required using the Sonata Vario Sound Absorption Panels.

The installation of Sonata Vario absorbers to ceilings and walls in the call centre drastically reduced problem noise previously experienced, providing a more efficient and stress free workplace.

U-Switch, Operations Director-Eddy Borrelli:

“I would like to say how pleased we are with the general functioning of the sound panels supplied. We have noticed significant noise reduction in our call centre and the open space area of our offices.”

Sonata Vario For Office Noise U-Switch

Sonata offers an extensive range of sound solutions using sound absorption panels. Panels are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Panels can be bespoke and made to order and come in range of colours to suit any environment. Once installed, they provide an attractive solution to many different noise problems.

Sonata Acoustics use an innovative non-shedding acoustic foam, as opposed to the mineral fibre materials found in most other absorbent products. The use of non-shedding , non-itching materials in environments such as education or healthcare is much preferred by end user and installer alike.

If you have a noise problem, please contact acoustics@sonataacoustics.co.uk or call  020 3286 9257.