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Project Details

Sonata Vario Panels Solve Four Oaks’ Noisy School Hall

Four Oaks 1Four Oaks primary school in Liverpool has recently completed their new multi-purpose hall. The hall is part of an impressive modern and stylish facility.

Although visually pleasing, the school hall was marred with sound problems making it difficult for staff and pupils to communicate and listen. The noise problems were a result of hard reflective surfaces along with curvature design of the hall.

Colleagues at Floorscan Acoustics Ltd were contacted by Four Oaks Head Teacher and asked to solve the noise issues.  After a survey and discussion with the architects, Sonata Vario panels were installed. The unique bracket fixing made installation easy and hassle free,  whilst providing an even frequency of sound absorption. Sonata Vario panels are often used to tackle sound issues in schools such asclassroom noise and sport/multipurpose-hall noise.

The installation of Sonatas Acoustics’ panels not only created an incredible interior design, but also achieved recommended guidance BB93 (Acoustic Design of Schools) with an obtained reverberation time of 0.95 seconds.

The results of Sonata Vario Panels were clear to hear and see, Head Teacher Mrs S Robinson described the installation as ‘Absolutely Brilliant’.

Four Oaks 2

Sonata offers an extensive range of solutions using sound absorption panels. Panels are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Panels can be bespoke and made to order and come in range of colours to suit any environment. Once installed they provide a beautiful solution to any absorption problem.

Sonata Acoustics use an innovative non-shedding acoustic foam, as opposed to the mineral fibre materials found in most other absorbent products. The use of non-shedding , non-itching materials in environments such as education or healthcare is much preferred by end user and installer alike.

If you have a noise problem, please contact acoustics@sonataacoustics.co.uk or call  020 3286 9257.