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Project Details


Sonata Acoustics distributers Sound Reduction Systems were approached by Ford Fleet Dept, Bradford who needed treatment to their office noise problem. The poor acoustics within the rooms lead to intolerable sound reverberation, making it difficult for staff and clients to work effectively in person and on telephones.

A detailed site analysis was carried out to obtain a predicted reverberation calculation and effectively specify the correct amount of absorption required. It’s important for both supplier and client to carry out this calculation, to identify the exact amount of absorption needed rather than simply guessing or using rule of thumb, which can sometimes lead to over ordering.

Ford Bradford opted for Sonata Memo NoticeBoard absorbers and Sonata Duo Desk AbsorbersSonata Duo Desk Absorbers are a multi-functional sound absorber used not only for Class A sound absorption but also as separating desk divider. Sonata Duo Desk Absorbers are also available as a Sonata Memo Desk absorber incorporating a Notice board as a third function.

All product installation works was carried out by Floorscan Acoustics Ltd specialist installers.

Feedback from Ford Bradford has been very positive; Alison Sutcliffe-Dealership Secretary commented:

“As well as looking good, the results are amazing”

“I could not belive the difference the Sonata absorbers made to improving the speech communication between staff, and staff customers over the phone.”

“The Memo acoustic noticeboards are very practical, and the Duo Desk absorbers allow staff a clear view of colleagues across the open plan office- particularly important for our Fleet Dept to operate well”

Polar Ford Bradford 1Polar Ford Bradford 3

Sonata offers an extensive range of solutions using sound absorption panels. Panels are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Panels can be bespoke and made to order and come in range of colours to suit any environment. Once installed they provide a beautiful solution to any absorption problem.

Sonata Acoustics use an innovative non-shedding acoustic foam, as opposed to the mineral fibre materials found in most other absorbent products. The use of non-shedding , non-itching materials in environments such as education or healthcare is much preferred by end user and installer alike.

If you have a noise problem, please contact acoustics@sonataacoustics.co.uk or call  020 3286 9257.