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Restaurant Noise Solved At Fine Dining Establishment Côte Brasserie

Cote BrasserieA crucial part to any dining experience is being able to enjoy food and company without any unnecessary interference.  Studies have shown that unacceptable levels of restaurant noise affects not only our dining experience but our taste in food.

Sonata Acoustics have often tackled the issue of restaurant noise in a variety of dining establishments . When Architects  at Martin Brudnizki Design Studios were asked to resolve a noise problem within French Restaurant Cote Brasserie-Sailsbury, they knew  to recommend sound absorption panels. Although the restaurant design was finished to a very high standard and was aesthetically pleasing, the hard sound reflective surfaces lead to noise levels being too high during busy periods.

Eight Sonata Vario ceiling panels were selected to cover the hard ceiling surface and were installed by expert fitters Floorscan Acoustics Ltd early in the morning to avoid any disruption during the restaurant’s lunchtime and evening services.   Cote Brasserie, selected Sonata Panels in ‘Stone’colour Trilogy fabric- a choice which fitted into the restaurants decor.

The results meant significantly lower noise levels in the restaurant and provided a visually pleasing backdrop to the interior design of Cote Brasserie. This lead to a much more pleasurable dining experience, both diners and staff alike have reported a great improvement in the acoustics of the restaurant.

Cote Brasserie 2

Sonata offers an extensive range of sound absorption panels. Panels are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Panels can be bespoke and made to order and come in range of colours to suit any environment. Once installed they provide a beautiful solution to any absorption problem.

Sonata Acoustics use an innovative non-shedding acoustic foam, as opposed to the mineral fibre materials found in most other absorbent products. The use of non-shedding , non-itching materials in environments such as education or healthcare is much preferred by end user and installer alike.

If you have a restaurant noise problem, please contact acoustics@sonataacoustics.co.uk or call 020 3286 9257.