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Office Noise

Sonata Acoustics understand that any acoustic treatment is an investment for the client in their building and as such examples and testimonies of previous work can be of great comfort.

Below are links to individual project profiles where Sonata Acoustics have supplied solutions to suit client’s needs.

U-Switch London

Call Centre noise, is a common problem in these busy working environments. Communicating and concentrating effectively are important functions of a successful workplace.

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Barnsley Town Hall

Between 2010 and 2012 the building underwent an extensive full refurbishment, the Town Hall recognised the need for improvement to sound clarity between staff and staff-to-public when communicating on telephones and in person

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Ford Bradford

Ford Motor Company, had a significant noise problem within their Barnsley offices. The poor acoustics of the rooms in question lead to unbearable sound reverberations, affecting both staff and clients ability to listen and communicate effectively in person and on telephones.

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